I would like you to meet my oldest child, Madison, musician, DJ, model and young entrepreneur in Manhattan. His music name is Madison LST. LST stands for Light Skin Trouble. In March 2013,  Madison raised $25,000 in a Kickstarter fundraising event and used the money to produced his first album called Oblivion.   Oblivion is a fantastic album, especially for a first attempt. Madison writes all his music and is now producing music as well. Madison has eight videos on Youtube. I am introducing him to you via his first music video called, Who Knows. All of Madison's music video and were shot by two of Madison's young friends, Martin, and Magnus. Madison also performs concerts around New York City.

Although music is Madison's first love, he makes most of his money as a DJ and model. He has done commercials for television and ads for many companies. When Madison works as a DJ, I will go to the clubs to socialize with him. Last month, I was at a club with Madison, and I met the movie star Jim Carrey, who was there dancing and enjoying Madison's music. Jim Carrey was a very nice guy, and he left Madison a big tip. Spending time with Madison at clubs is a family event.  Very often, when I want to keep up with my children, I go dancing with them at clubs around New York City. Madison is a good-looking young man, and I love him very much. Enjoy his first music video, Who Knows. 


Here are the words for Who Knows.


Who Knows

I try to take the stress off my heart and my head

so I take the time and put it in my artwork instead
I craft a verse and put my hurt in the message
give my struggle to the beat and let the music digest it.
And when the world leaves me wretched and weak,
I let speech be my rightful release.
It's so dope just to know I can cope
somehow when my pulse is converted into half notes.
I breath out .. and take the rhythm in 
The medicine for my emotional predicament,
'cause when it happens to you.. it feels different,
but deep down you know its really the same shit.
And then you get up, strive and work steadily,
and when you're riding high it all feels heavenly,
and I know when you crash its unsettling
but you get back on your bike and keep peddling,
to the same beat, the rhythm that I live,
my heartbeat's musical equivalent,
pumpin' refrains through my veins so lovingly,
it brings me back to an astonishing recovery.
And usually it's even hard to let the pain go,
'cause when the storm is the norm, you're depressed 
and a wreck, you can start to forget that,
after all the strain it's rain that makes things grow.
And I know if your goal is to hold on,
all your doing is making the pain prolong,
realize that you're done with dejection, 
don't maintain the connection to the thing that's got you stressin'.
Let the music sooth you and remove you
from the situation that your grief got you glued to,
and though you'd like to end the night with a kiss,
at the end of the day.. it is what it is.
And it is...
hard to achieve what your head needs and your heart wants,
the internal conflict can get you quite lost,
'cause the head might not perceive what your heart needs
and heart can't always grasp what your head sees,
so you can't simply let your heart lead you,
'cause things can both be wrong and feel right too,
and though your logic is a compass for your actions
logic doesn't encompass the laws of attraction.
So my guess is its best when they interact,
combine your heart's GPS with your mental map,
the balance of passion and reason is art,
and though it is possible, I never said it wasn't hard.
And I don't know where to start,
whether to follow my head or my heart.
I don't know where to start,
whether to follow my head or my heart.
yea, I don't know where to start,
whether to follow my head or my heart.
yea, I don't know where to start,
whether to follow my head or my heart.
Who Knows
Who Knows
Who Knows
And so..
do both.